UC Davis Extension's Center for International Education (CIE) manages the university's visiting study and research programs for international undergraduate students. We partner with more than 60 benchmark universities and government agencies in Asia, Australia, Europe and South America to attract talented students for undergraduate study and research at UC Davis on a non-degree basis. We also contribute to the university's internationalization efforts to attract and prepare a growing number of international undergraduates at UC Davis. Contact us at globalstudy@ucdavis.edu or +1 (530) 752-4064 for more information about our programs.

International Center building

New! UC Davis International Center

An exciting change happening in 2016 for University Programs – we’re moving to the new International Center building! University Programs will be relocating to the brand-new building on campus, with construction scheduled for completion in Fall of 2016. The building will consist of administrative offices, classrooms and a 3,400 square foot commons area with the goal of creating a collaborative space for our international student community.

The move offers University Programs some exciting benefits. The central location on campus will bring our staff and offices closer to campus activities and other international students and groups, as the new building will assemble four different international education units into one convenient location. The International Center will house the UC Davis Extension Center for International Education (of which University Programs is a part), UC Davis Study Abroad, UC Davis Services for International Students and Scholars, and the UC Davis Global Affairs Vice Provost Offices.

We’re looking forward to our new home on campus and the exciting prospects for collaboration and community it will bring.

Students rehearsing for a play

All the world’s a stage…

Participants in the Global Study Program may enroll in Drama 198: Presentation Skills for International Students. Drama 198 is taught by faculty in the UC Davis Drama Department, and it is offered exclusively to Global Study Program students. In addition to practicing English and presentation skills, students explore their understanding of their own and neighboring cultures. By pairing oral skill development with self-development in a dynamic classroom environment, students gain confidence, expand their sense of international-mindedness, and have fun.

Center for International Education

Offering a wide variety of programs

The Center for International Education (CIE) has more than 35 years of experience in delivering high-quality educational and professional programs. Our world-class reputation, diverse and inclusive culture, and outstanding faculty provide international students with an academic experience second to none.

CIE has 145 partnerships with benchmark universities, government agencies and corporate clients, and attracts students from more than 100 countries each year. Annual enrollments of nearly 4,000 students create a vibrant worldwide community of alumni whose relationships continue long after they return to their home countries.